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Audit & Assurance

Is your current auditor adding value to your organization?

We believe that as you focus on bringing the dollar into your organization through the front door, we shall cover you to ensure that the same dollar does not leave your organization through the back door. We do not consider an annual audit as a mere statutory requirement and as such, we work with you to ensure that the audit has added value beyond stating a simple audit opinion.

Our risk-based approach to audit will result into stronger control measures around your systems, operational procedures and processes and that’s why our audit report will always be accompanied with valuable observations and recommendations that if followed through will set you on a path of fewer risks, less costs and a stronger future. In other words, WE DON'T JUST AUDIT YOUR PAST… WE WORK WITH YOU TO STRENGTHEN YOUR FUTURE AS WELL!

Under the audit & assurance department, we offer the following services:

  • External / Statutory Audits With us, you can have the peace of mind that our audits offer reliable assurance and timely compliance with statutory requirements besides presenting your financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and any other required reporting framework applicable to your organization.
  • Special / Projects Audits Holistic audit of donor projects that focus on the financial and programmatic deliverables of the projects guided by the donors’ special requirements and the reporting framework suitable for both the beneficiary organization and the donor.
  • Forensic Audits Investigative audits that emphasize on unearthing fraud or irregularities


Could you be paying more tax than you ought to??

Can your business survive a KRA tax audit?

Our pledge here is that we shall work with you to achieve desirable tax compliance status while making sure that your business does not pay more than its optimal tax obligations. Under the tax department offers the following services:

  • Tax Compliance

    Non compliance is a risk that can lead to significant penalties and interests' charges from revenue authorities which sometimes result in unfavorable eventualities such as; frozen bank accounts, assets seizures and business closures or shrinkages. As a firm, we work with you to promote compliance through:

    • Preparation of accurate tax computations, while ensuring that you benefit from all allowable expenses for tax purposes
    • Making of timely tax returns
    • Proper maintenance of records to minimize tax risks in the eventuality of tax authorities audits.
  • Tax Planning

    Taxation in Kenya, like in many other jurisdictions, is self-assessed. This means that individuals and organizations are expected to compute their tax obligations, submit returns and make payments at designated times.

    However, Revenue Authorities reserve the right to, on a sample basis, zero in on any individual or organization for tax review/audit. More often than not, such tax audits by revenue authorities result in additional taxes, penalties and interests.

    Without specialist knowledge, your organization might not be adequately prepared for tax authorities’ review and as such might be subjected to unfair assessments. We work with you to ensure proper records are in place and highlight the tax risk areas your organization faces so that these risks are mitigated early enough before the taxman knocks on your door. We also act on your behalf to address issues arising with the tax authorities and negotiate waivers of penalties / interests and reasonable basis for settlement of back taxes, penalties and interests.

  • Tax Audits (Tax Health Checks) Investigative audits that emphasize on unearthing fraud or irregularities

Business Consulting

If we were to pick just one service that would impact the most on your business operations today, it would be a robust internal audit function.

  • Internal Audits

    If we were to pick just one service that would impact the most on your business operations today, it would be a robust internal audit function. The objective of this audit function is to strengthen your Internal Control Systems.

    When you work with us, we will evaluate the effectiveness of your financial and operational procedures against key risks, business strategy and commercial needs. Our work will involve these three steps:

    • Independent review of policies and procedures to evaluate effectiveness and whether they are being complied with;
    • Identification of areas for improvement and recommendation of action plans to help you minimize risk and achieve goals more effectively,
    • Periodic follow ups to review progress on the action plans, compliance with policies and identify further improvements to adapt to changes in the business landscape such as availability of new information, technology, internal
    • realignments etc.
  • Bookkeeping

    Information on the financial health and profitability of a business is only positively impactful if it is professionally generated and delivered on a timely manner. You can outsource accountancy services to our firm to free you more time to concentrate in growing your business.

    We will provide timely bookkeeping services and management reports on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis besides generating financial reports that comply with International Financial Reporting Standards and any other reporting framework applicable to your organization.

  • Payroll Services

    Employee compensation is a sensitive area that demands confidentiality which is rarely achieved when you engage yet another employee to process payroll for his colleagues, seniors / bosses. To avoid information leaks from internally managed payroll that may lead to conflicts or loss of morale, you can outsource this function to our able and well-trained payroll accountants in our firm.

    Besides saving you money by eliminating the cost of implementing/maintaining a payroll system or having payroll accountants, we will seamlessly do the following:

    • Register and verify monthly payroll data (joiners, leavers, increments, advances, deductions, PIN registrations, etc.)
    • Monthly payroll computations and generation of payroll reports and pay slips
    • Computation of statutory and voluntary deductions and generation of e-slips and payment data for PAYE, NHIF, NSSF, NITA and other deductions.
    • Actual payment of staff salaries, statutory and voluntary deductions.

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